The four themes of the EYFS are:

A unique child · Positive relationships · Enabling environments · Learning and development

The EYFS curriculum is organised around the seven areas of learning which have equal value and importance.

3 Prime Areas 4 Specific Areas  
Personal, Social, Emotional
Making Relationships
Self-confidence and self-awareness
Managing feelings and behaviour
Understanding the World
People and the communities
The World
Moving and Handling
Health and Self-Care
Shape, space and Measure
Expressive Arts and Design
Exploring and using media and materials
Being Imaginative
Communication and Language
Listen and Attention


FS.1 available for 3 years- 4 years

Scheme of teaching for Foundation Stage 1

Foundation Stage 1 (F.S. 1) is exactly what it says, a 'foundation' for the rest of a child's education and future life.

Not only does this cover academic teaching, it also teaches, very importantly, social skills. Each child will progress at their own rate and capability.

These are 'tender' years for any child; therefore, we endeavor to make the daily routine/teaching fun and will encourage each child to develop/progress within their respective comfort zone to enable them to reach their full potential and be adequately equipped to graduate to F.S.2.